I have to cry

21. JUNI 2018 by el-mir

I have to cry
not only because of the pictures shown from gaza
through which I could just see a tiny part of the suffering there

i have to cry
because I have to see how the world looks away without any mercy
noone rushing for aid to help while a little child puts his hopes in it

i have to cry
because the media reports some stories that the Palestinians renounce on peace

i have to cry
because a mass murder is happining there
and that infront of the eyes of the whole world

i have to cry
because no country in the world stands against it so

i have to cry
because Palestine piece by piece disappears out of the eyes
and is almost no more existing on the map
this conquest which is taking place for over 66 years

where are now these Muslim countries that should be bound by brotherhood?
No! Where are now all the countries which should be bound by humanity?

Because you don‘t have to be a Muslim to condemn this incident
You only have to be a human being to sahre this suffering
to have the urge to rush for aid

what do these lines bring me if they do not reach the hearts
when our thoughts differ while small innocent children end there as a corpses

i have to cry
because these monsters call themselves Jews
these non-religious shards do only want to spoil Judaism
by hiding their wickedness behind the faith

are these really the inherits of Judaism, who are onvolved into killing innocents?


So stop throwing all Jews in one pot
Stop ripping my head
stop on denigrating religions
Stop insulting them because of the deeds of men

i have to cry
because Germany is protecting Israel thinking to own them that


You are obligated to the jews who live in here
for the things they have done to them here

i really have to cry
because reports are being unilateral in the news
like Palestine would confront Israel anew
instead of saying that Israel expands from time to time more than ever!

Why it is not reported here that innocents die?
That small children are brutally murdered?

Even if all adults, from both sides where terrorists
you must not clarify that with all those childs/kids

who have no evil things inside themselves
who just uttered good things and just ask:

„Why are our parents killed?“

Aren‘t we close to tears
when we see these children cry
as they plead for the lives of their parents?

Well I…

I have to cry

When I see a mother crying who just lost her child
is confronted with the fact that this really has happened

Just Imagine that our Land is going to be conquered
We German, or American, or Australian or English people expelled from our land
Described by the media as terrorists
just because we defend ourselves, against others reeving in our country
and continue proliferating

Would the world allow this to happen?
To leave Germany or USA completely alone?
With these masses of dead children?

Why is Palestine then abandoned by all countries?
Are they worth less than the rest of the world?

Does this look like the peace which is represented by the world?

Well now I have given up hope of all good in the world
because of being governed by unjust people who pretend to be good persons

Nelson Mandela once said:

„We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.“

He said this in 1995
which year do we have know?

Think about it!